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EVA sec results for: SSpro4 month: 2004_12

METHOD about: ../../../doc/explain_methods.html#PX_about_sspro4
METHOD url: SSpro4
TYPE : sec
NPROT : 144
NOTE 1 : here ALL results obtained for SSpro4 in month 2004_12 are given, i.e. NOT those for a common subset!
NOTE 2 : all proteins evaluated had no SIGNIFICANT sequence identity to any protein of previously known structure!

Averages over all proteins month 2004_12 1
type date sots id Q3 Q3H%o Q3H%p Q3E%o Q3E%p Q3L%o Q3L%p sov sovH sovE sovL BAD info infoO infoP corrH corrE corrL class contDH contDE

Notations used (detailed explanation)

psum  percentage over all proteins
sig  standard deviation
errsig significant difference (to distinguish between two methods)
type   prediction type
date   date when added [yyyy_mm_dd]
sots   standard of truth
id   identifier of protein
Q3   three-state per-residue accuracy (percentage of correctly predicted residues)
Q3H%o   correctly predicted helix residues (percentage of helix observed)
Q3H%p   correctly predicted helix residues (percentage of helix predicted)
Q3E%o   correctly predicted strand residues (percentage of helix observed)
Q3E%p   correctly predicted strand residues (percentage of helix predicted)
Q3L%o   correctly predicted loop residues (percentage of helix observed)
Q3L%p   correctly predicted loop residues (percentage of helix predicted)
sov   per segment accuracy (three states)
sovH   per segment accuracy for helix residues
sovE   per segment accuracy for strand residues
sovL   per segment accuracy for non-regular residues
BAD   percentage of confused HELIX/STRAND residues (helix predicted as strand, strand predicted as helix)
infoO   information index accuracy (percentage of observed)
infoP   information index accuracy (percentage of predicted)
corrH   Matthews correlation index for helix
corrE   Matthews correlation index for strand
corrL   Matthews correlation index for loop
var   variance over all proteins (1/N-1)*( score(i) - )**2
sig   sigma (standard deviation) over all proteins (sqrt[var])
errsig   significant differences ( standard dev / sqrt(Nprot) )
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